My Review of Hello Fresh

When these meal delivery services first started advertising, I never thought I would want to participate. I imagined stale food, and the thought of something with dairy or meat sitting outside my door on a hot day waiting for me to get home also gave me straight anxiety (thank you, food safety 101). I also assumed it was too pricey, but never truly researched for myself.

Last week, a friend of mine offered a few of us a chance to try one week of the meal delivery service for free, and who says no to free stuff?! Not this girl! I selected three vegetarian meals (not because Zach and I are vegetarians, but because those meals just looked tasty!). The process of signing up was simple and quick- you pick your weekly delivery day, the meals you would like, and simply wait for delivery!


Our menu items:

Garden Quesadillas: these were TO DIE FOR. It had a variety of vegetables (cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, bell pepper, topped with a small amount of Chipotle Mayo, and served with pico de gallo & arugula salad. We will definitely be making these again!

Chickpea Powered Mediterranean Couscous: This dish was delicious (See photos below). We had a great time making it, and the prep was no fuss. It had roasted chickpeas, zucchini and heirloom grape tomatoes with the couscous, and was topped with feta cheese. The great thing about this meal delivery service is that if you like the recipe, you can totally recreate it! You are provided with a recipe card, and you can even save the recipes on the app!

One Pot Cheese Tortelloni: This one I was not as crazy about. Sure, it was tasty, but we could have purchased the ingredients at the store for much cheaper, and it would have been more flavorful. Plus, the serving size was very small (it was fine for me, but my husband who weight lifts and has an extremely fast metabolism fixed himself a second dinner that night).

Pros and Cons: 

-Pros: Most recipes we received tasted delicious, time-saving when it comes to grocery shopping and meal planning, ordering is simple, the app is easy to use, a variety of recipes to choose from, and it is cheaper than eating out.

-Cons: More waste (every individual item is wrapped in plastic or in it’s own little jar); Significantly more costly when comparing to grocery shopping (The cost per dinner for two was around $20.00); Not much time saved when it comes to actual food prep, and lastly, this only applies to some, but you must have some experience with cooking to be able to use Hello Fresh (I think some folks think this is a good program for those with NO cooking experience, or that some of the items are pre-made. You still have to do everything yourself). I think that having video tutorials (all recipes) for those who are uncomfortable in the kitchen would be helpful to open up the target market.

Now comes the question… would I use it again? The answer is yes, but not right now.

I would 100% recommend Hello Fresh to someone who is financially blessed and too busy to meal plan or grocery shop. The reason I say “not right now” is because I would be paying extra money for convenience that I really don’t need. I actually enjoy grocery shopping, but I could totally see this being helpful a few times a week when we have kids one day.

Have you tried Hello Fresh or other meal delivery services? Comment below and tell me about your experience!



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